Our Goal

Through only sustainable practices, we aim to produce great tasting seasonal crops for the local community. We strive to grow responsibly, being fair to the land as well as our consumers. Our goal is simple; to provide good food in the most healthy way possible. This is what Fairgrown means to us.

Our Farming Practices

We follow organic principles and often go above and beyond the organic standard. However, due to the increasing cost and complexity of organic certification, we have chosen not to certify with the USDA.

Our farm partners vary from certified organic to conventional depending on the crop. When working with other farmers, we prioritize local first, then always look for organic. This means that while we could get organic apples shipped in from other parts of the country, we instead chose to work with our local orchards (who are not certified organic).

For more info on this or if you have any questions, you can always contact us directly!


Farming has an incredible impact on the environment, and it’s a priority to us that the way we farm strengthens the land, instead of damaging it. We build our soil, diversify our ecosystem, and never use potentially harmful chemicals.