Our Mission

Through only sustainable practices, we aim to produce great tasting seasonal crops for the local community. We strive to grow responsibly, being fair to the land as well as our consumers. Our goal is simple; to provide good food in the most healthy way possible. This is what Fairgrown means to us.

Better Food, Better Lives

We believe that food is more than just a commodity. What and how we eat is part of who we are and the quality of the lives we live. Food produced organically is more nutrient-dense and flavorful than conventional, without the risk of synthetic pesticide contamination. We believe it’s only fair you’re confident the food you feed your family nourishes them without risking their long-term health. It’s with this in mind that we approach everyday on the farm.


Farming has an incredible impact on the environment, and it’s a priority to us that the way we farm strengthens the land, instead of damaging it. We build our soil, diversify our ecosystem, and never use potentially harmful chemicals.