About Us

James Klett
Farm Manager

As the head farmer and businessperson, James oversees all crop production and sales. His job starts with the seed and ends with a happy customer.

Alex Klett
Operations Manager

Carpenter, mechanic, artist, and all-around handyman. Alex is responsible for keeping the farm running and in good shape.

James and Alex Klett are brothers, business partners, and founders of Fairgrown Farm. Originally from the neighboring town of Montgomery, the boys moved back to the longtime Klett family home in Hopewell in 2017. James, the head farmer, graduates from Rutgers University in May of 2019 with a degree in Business Management and Agriculture. Alex, a carpenter, artist, and all around handyman, is the farm’s Operations Manager – keeping the tractors running and solving day-to-day problems. Together, with the help of countless friends and the support of the community, they hope to produce great food that everyone can enjoy!

About the Farm

Fairgrown Farm is a small natural-methods farm that grows seasonal produce for the surrounding community of Hopewell, New Jersey. We are committed to growing great tasting food that is healthy and safe!

Our farm is a pristine – never before farmed – 8 acre lot on Aunt Molly Rd, making us the most local seasonal grower in town! Along with our membership program, we sell to many of the restaurants in and around Hopewell. We also host a farmers market on Broad St. between PNC Bank and Antimo’s Italian Kitchen!

Fairgrown Farm is in the process of certifying all of our produce as USDA Certified Organic. Though we are not yet officially certified, we comply completely with the organic principles, often going above and beyond what’s required of an organic farm. You can be assured that everything we grow is safe and healthy for you family!

Our very first plowed field!