Free Delivery on all Products: Clients within our service area receive free delivery for all orders exceeding $50.

Purchase Discounts: No need to buy in bulk to take advantage of quantity discounts. Receive price reductions on as little as a 10lb box! See our pricing sheet for more details.

Grown Responsibly: At Fairgrown Farm, we practice only sustainable and organic methods, avoiding even pesticides and chemicals permitted in certified organic farming. We grow with the wellbeing of our consumers and the greater environment as a top priority.

Online Invoicing: Along with paying by cash or check, clients can utilize online invoicing through their preferred email address to make payments fast and easy.

Harvest Preferences: Prefer your tomatoes a little more green? Maybe zucchini on the small side? Specify your preferences and we’ll do our best to get crops just how you like them.

Custom Grows: Want to purchase something we don’t grow? Let us know! With adequate timing, we’ll grow your product and get it to you the way you want it.

Delivery Info    Tuesdays/Fridays: 12pm – 5pm to all locations